It's not either/or - Greens can be radical and have broad appeal

As a Green Party mayoral contender I've watched with interest the lively debate that has sprung up on the blog pages of the New Statesman, discussing what Greens should do to maximise success in the London elections next year. After Jonathan Bartley's suggestion that Zac Goldsmith is a threat to the Green Party vote and Sian Berry's retort that most Green voters "would rather grate off their nose" than vote for Zac, Adam Ramsay has joined the debate, opposing a strategy "to appeal to everyone". Now I'm not sure such a strategy has even been mooted, let alone discussed or »

Invitation to Mayoral Candidates to protect free speech in front of Parliament

What All London Mayoral Candidates Invited to stand with placard of their choice. This is an invitation by Green Party Mayoral Candidate Caroline Russell to all London Mayoral candidates to stand with her to defend free speech in Parliament Square with a placard of their choice on Thursday 6th August, at 6pm Where Parliament Square, London When 6pm Thursday 6th August Why  On that day a lone protester, Ryan O’Sullivan is facing a criminal trial in Westminster Magistrates Court, for simply standing in Parliament Square in October 2014, with a placard stating “Occupy Democracy”. He was protesting at the »

10 by 2020 will help all Londoners

The Ten Point Mayoral Safer Cycling Challenge, launched today by campaign group Stop Killing Cyclists is a blueprint for making London a better city for all residents not just those who get about on a bike. I think it's great and here are my responses to the ten points in the plan: 10% by 2020 10% of the TfL budget on making streets more people friendly yes. Cycle infrastructure can make streets better for all residents and any cycle infrastructure improvements must include measures to make life better for people walking too. End HGV/bus blind spot Technology is changing »

Green Mayoral selection nomination statement

Caroline Russell - Mayoral selection nomination statement I believe London can be the world's greenest city: a diverse, healthy, fair and prosperous place that shares its success with every citizen. All of that is possible – but it needs political will, and a team with Green vision and Green values in City Hall. I’m asking for your support to be the Green Party’s candidate for London Mayor because I believe I’m the person to lead that team. I’m a transport campaigner and the Green Party’s National Spokesperson on Local Transport. Beyond politics, I’ve been an »

Assembly List nomination submitted

Caroline Russell - London Assembly list nomination statement I’m asking for your support to be #1 on the Green Party’s list of candidates for the London Assembly because I believe I have the skills, competence and experience to make the most of an Assembly seat both for Londoners and for the Green Party. Since May 2014, I’ve been the sole opposition councillor on Islington Council. I’m a transport campaigner and the Green Party’s National Spokesperson on Local Transport. Beyond politics, I’ve been an artist, I’m a trained civil engineer and I’ve brought »